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11 responses to “Registration

  1. Great plan..

  2. It is a great initiative to do justice to the earth, especially thinking about the future generation. I think as on of the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbambwe I would like to be part of the people who advocate for earth keeping as our vocation.

  3. Justice to the earth is our vocation, it is indeed a developmental issue of our time.

  4. I beleive in God

  5. ngiyembere vedaste

    Dear respect sir,
    I love your program, i,d love to attend this program and we ,d like to have information about it and to make me know so that i may apply and i we,ll be excited if my letter will be replied
    Yours sincerely,

  6. I am blessed to be part of such a discussion,because God has given the earth to “human being” to rule and dominate according to God’s wisdom.

  7. Dea sir,
    It’s a great opportunity for young people around the world to express themselves and their understanding on God.

  8. am new to LWF youth website so want more information on LWF

  9. Hi, I am very interest joint with all of your LWF.

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