The First Contact with Other Groups

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© LWF/JELC/F. Hübner

Around 30 April 2011, you will receive the contact details of the other groups that will be working with you. Please do not  wait to be contacted but write an e-mail yourself.

This email should contain the following information:

  • Short introduction: your names, ages, and where you live.
  • How often can you access email? What other means of communication would you like to use (i.e., text message, chat, video conference)?
  • Do you have long holidays between May and October 2011 when your group will not be able to meet?
  • Please tell the other groups when you plan to deal with the different phases.
  • Is there anything else the other groups should know at this stage?

Please respond to the other groups as needed. Please be aware that some groups might need several days before they can access the Internet.

←Understanding the Crisis Overview Present your group→

One response to “The First Contact with Other Groups

  1. If one of the members of my group cannot connect at the same time, but less often than the rest of the group, then we can do in that case?

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