Present Your Group

←First Contact Overview Bible Study Psalm 104→
After the initial contact, the time has come to share information about your group.

There are several different ways of doing this:

  • Write stories and distribute them by e-mail
  • Send photos
  • If you have the possibility, you might consider making a short film.

What the others would be interested to know:

  • Your names
  • What you do in life: work, looking for work, going to school, etc. What languages you speak
  • Information about your community. Do you live in a large city or a small village? What is significant about this?
  • The way in which you worship. What is important to your church?

How to Structure your Group Meetings

Perhaps your group has been meeting for a long time, or you might only just have got to know one another. It is crucial that your group meetings are fun; it is not enough simply to read the messages of the other groups and to respond.

Take your time, play games, be as creative as possible in your responses, sing together and share your songs with the other groups.

←First Contact Overview Bible Study Psalm 104→

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