Pick an Issue

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© LWF/JELC/F. Hübner

In the last step, you analyzed a local issue. This session will enable you to focus on a particular topic. In terms of ecology and sustainability, everything is interconnected. However, in order to make an impact you will have to focus on a specific issue.

Select your topic carefully. This is important because the whole group will have to agree to work on a specific issue for quite some time. Three major steps will have to be taken first:

  1. Discuss the issues that you have identified in the session “analyzing”
  2. Choose one issue for your further attention and action
  3. Agree on how you would like to find out more about the issue (research).
Below some general thoughts on these three aspects:

Possible Criteria for Choosing an Issue

  1. Your group feels passionately about this topic
  2. The topic is connected to your local context
  3. Your partner groups have similar interests.

Now, Do Some Research

  1. Can you invite somebody who knows about the issue (e.g., an expert)?
  2. Can you interview people who are directly affected? Write down what they say.
  3. Divide the issue into several subtopics. Ask a member of your team to give a short presentation on one of the subtopics.
  4. If possible, use libraries and the Internet further to explore the issue.

Share with your partner groups which issue have you chosen and why?
Please share some insights with the whole community.

←Perspective from Brazil Overview Ideas for Action→

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