Ideas for Action

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After identifying the issues that you care about, it is important that you plan a specific action that addresses these. Please find below a few ideas for this.


What change do you want to bring about?

In the time you have spent together, you will have discussed in depth one or several issues. Now it is time to be clear as to you would like to see done differently in your community. What sort of changes would you like to see?

Define your goals

  • Who could effect these changes? Is all the people living in the village? Or, could change already be brought about by a smaller group?
  • What exactly would these people need to do differently? Please be as precise as possible.
  • What would be a good time frame for this? How long would it take for this change to take effect?

On this basis, you can now define a realistic, measurable and time-bound goal for your actions.

The goal helps you  to plan what you need now. How many people do you need? What kind of resources do you need and how and where can you get hold of them? A lot possible with very little or no money at all.

Some ideas for action

Your action should be based on the real desire to make a difference in your community. The change you want to bring about will probably will not be achieved after one event: You will have to convince people; for that you will have to talk to them and that will take time. However, an event as part of your action captures people’s attention and profiles your group.

(based on

Worship service: Consider preparing and leading a special worship service. Maybe you have the possibility to do so in collaboration with other congregations and other churches.

Panel discussion: If you like to change something that involves many different people, then it might be a good idea to invite some of them to joint discussions. This would also be a good opportunity to invite elected officials at the community or city level.

Biking action: Biking, like a march or a walk, is a great way of getting out and being visible in your community. It can also demonstrate the need for an improved infrastructure for alternative modes of transportation.

Clearing away trash: Cleaning part of your environment—a stream or a park for instance— would also be very effective action. You should tell others why you are doing this.

Service actions: You can actively participate in areas where strong hands are needed. But do not forget to tell others about what you are doing and why.

Art installation: Provide art supplies and invite your participants to create art—maybe something that speaks of the importance of nature in your community.

Support local food production: Have a feast, a carbon-free picnic, in the best local spot. This is an easy way to get everyone to participate and to highlight local and/or organic foods.

Sports: Organize a sports event at a place at the center of your community. Maybe you can display posters describing what you would like to change.

Music: Perhaps you know some local musicians who might want to join. Or, you could invite participants to bring instruments themselves and to create their own music.

Film festival: Film is a powerful medium and a great way of inspiring people to take action. Introduce sensitive issues, tell powerful stories of those making a difference and provide solutions to our ecological crisis in an entertaining and captivating way.

Sharing: Please share with your partner groups your ideas and plans. Maybe they have other good additional ideas and questions? Take time to respond to the others.
If possible, please take photos of your event, write stories and send them both to your partner groups and to the wider community.


←Pick an Issue Overview Kenyan Perspective→

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