Evaluation and Celebration

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Evaluation is not about complaining about people or being angry about something that did not come out the way you might have intended. Rather, it is about finding out what we should be thankful for to God. We will try to acknowledge what we have learned in order to remember it for the future. We will face our mistakes honestly in order not to make the same ones next time.

Group Evaluation: A Few Tips

When working with your team, it is important that everybody is heard—even those who do not generally speak up.
Stand in a circle. Use a ball or something else that you can catch easily. Everyone who has caught the ball has to say what they thought about the project.
Sit in a circle. A volunteer stands up, moves to the center, and makes a statement about the project. For example, “I really liked the program because… .” Then, all the others stand up. If they agree with the statement they move closer to the speaker; if they do not, they go further away. The facilitator asks some people why they have chosen to stand in a certain place.
The facilitator has prepared statements regarding the program. S/he explains the scale on the floor: one corner represents “I fully agree,” the opposite corner “I do not agree at all.” Then s/he reads the statements and the participants stand in the place that corresponds to whether they agree or disagree with the statement. For example, if they agree they will stand very near the “fully agree” corner. The facilitator will then ask them why they have chosen to stand in a certain place.


Do not  forget to celebrate what you have achieved and also what will work out next time. Meet, have a party. Take time to thank God in prayer.


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