Bible Study on Psalm 104:24-30

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This Psalm admires creation and praises the Creator. The song helps us to see nature as more than something that we use in order to survive ourselves. Nature is as much part of God’s creation as we are; it has its own dignity.


This Bible study helps to read the Psalm carefully and to see nature more clearly.

Activity Style/Material Objective Suggested Time
1 Song or game that the group likes Warming up 10 min
2 Short prayer Inviting God into the conversation 4 min
3 Spread pictures/postcards of nature scenes, objects (e.g., nice stones, flowers, grasses) on the floor. Participants choose the object to which the group can relate to best. Individual
(material needed:
pictures or objects that relate to nature)
To raise awareness of nature’s diversity 10 min
4 Each person briefly explains why they have chosen this particular item. Plenary, individual contribution To give a voice to our different understandings of nature 15 min
5 Read Psalm 104 in two groups—female and male. Read the text individually again. Clarify any unfamiliar words and concepts. Plenary, reading aloud, individual (needed:Bibles or printouts of the text) To understand Psalm 104 as a song 10 min
6 Divide into small groups and come up with a heading for the Psalm. Small groups Getting closer to the meaning of the Psalm 10 min
7 Each group shares why they chose the heading they did. Plenary 5 min
8 Discuss as a group differences and the meaning of the passage Plenary 20 min
9 Song/ closing prayer 5 min
Please share with your partner groups: Tell them about your meeting. Share all the headlines that you came up with. If possible, take and send a  few photos of the objects that you and your group had. 

Here on this page: share one or two headlines for the text in the comments section. If possible, upload pictures.

←Present Your Group Overview Theology and Ecology→

2 responses to “Bible Study on Psalm 104:24-30

  1. Hello guys, sorry for posting in Portuguese, but my English is pretty weak, so it goes ….
    Eu sou o Yuri, moro em Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brasil, e estou no grupo de jovens a aproximadamente 2 anos e meio. Quando li o Salmo104:24-30 percebi que ele faz uma analogia entre nós, seres humanos, e os animais, pois, assim como eles, somos muitos e totalmente diferentes, grandes ou pequenos, fortes ou fracos, belos ou ‘monstros’, não importa o como sejamos, Deus sempre está ali, perto de nós, dando-nos tudo o que pecisamos para viver, e Ele tambem tem o poder de dizer o quando teremos que partir, afinal, dependemos Dele para viver.
    Thank you for trying to read, and sorry for the language used, but still have to improve my English.
    Kisses and hugs.


    hello every one,
    I think The psalm 104 shows us the genius, goodness and God’s power while creating a marvelous world where all is in very precise order and in balance.
    Indeed, this psalm brings back us in the book of Genesis 1 and 2 where this marvelous world belongs to all of which every creature has a very particular mission and the human have a very important responsibility, the one of a manager, that means he/she must take care of world balance while developping his/her capacities. these is the human mission in the world

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