Frequently asked questions

I want to participate but I don’t belong to a youth group?

LWF together is for groups. However, for people are enough. Just ask around in your church. There are certainly three others who would like to join.

We would like to join but our church does not belong to the Lutheran World Federation. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, no. at this stage the program is only for member churches of the Lutheran World Federation.

In the time between May and October, we have long holidays and the group won’t be able to meet. Can we still participate?

Yes, that will be an issue for many groups. Please clarify at the first contact with the other groups what your time limitations are.

Most of our group members are between 15-30. However, we have also people of others ages. Is that a problem?

No, just the majority should be between 15-30 years old.

We cannot access the Internet very often.

That is fine. Please make sure that the other groups know how often you get to the Internet, so that they can plan. We cannot afford to pay for the Internet Café. At the registration you can apply for a small grant to cover your communication costs.


6 responses to “Frequently asked questions

  1. I want to participate but I do not be long to any group. Hw can I get a group?

  2. Dear Honest,

    I am sure there are a few people around you who would be interested, too. Just start a group in your church!

  3. Dear officer
    we have 500 youth of 14 churches member in my area, we want to connect to your program.

    • Dear Rev. Juliman Harefa,

      It is no problem that many groups from one church register. It is even possible to have several groups from one congregation. However, a single group should not be bigger than 20 people. Otherwise the communication becomes difficult.

      If there is one larger group – please, just form sub -groups.

      Thank you!

  4. Josue Yparraguirre

    yo soy luterano de Perú, tengo un grupo de 10 jovenes de 15 a 19 años, tenemos una computadora en la iglesia pero sin internet….como sera la comunicación?….sin internet?

  5. Birendra Oraon

    We are from Joshua’s Oracle Brave Youth Mass, wings of Tribal People and Women Welfare Organisation, India. We all are bonafied members of Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church, Orissa under UELCI. Would like to participate in the LWF Youth Group & its activities. We have 20 members all are Lutheran background & learnt many thing from the writing of Martin Luther and doing Ministry Independently to bring back the people who left Lutheran faith & the unreached people of the aborginal tribes. We have more than 100 Independent Churches willing to be in Lutheran Faith. We would like to share, contribute our expertise, feeling & work under His Grace among the other corner of the World. Hence kindly guide & encourage us to do the Youth Ministry under His Grace. E-mail me the details procedure to be a member of the LWF as well as Youth Desk to contribute our share for the extension of His kingdom on this Earth.

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