LWF together

On 1 May 2011, the Lutheran World Federation starts an unprecedented experiment of global community. More than 100 groups of young Christians (15-30 years old) share their faith, pray and get active for ecological justice around the globe. The program runs from May to October 2011.

Personal and global
Three groups of young people in different continents will get in contact with each other by email and other means. This way, the local groups continue to work within their local contexts while at the same time exchange their conversations with the other groups and get inspired by their action.

The basis is the common Christian faith. All groups of young people study the same bible passages and exchange their views with those of the two other groups.

Active for environmental justice
Young people in the Lutheran World Federation have selected environmental justice and sustainability as their priority theme. LWF together helps to analyze the specific issues in the home context and learn about the home contexts of other young Christians. The groups organize jointly small-scale activities that address these issues.

How does it work practically?
Local groups who want to join register with the LWF and will be matched with two other groups in different continents but of a similar age (prior partnerships will be respected). A handbook in many languages will support the work of the local groups and guides them through the 6 months. The groups can adjust the time according to holidays etc. Communication will be done by email or other Internet methods. Groups who have difficult access to the Internet receive a small grant to cover their additional costs.

The global connection
On the LWF Youth Blog and facebook, the groups can post their learnings and ideas. It becomes a global community of action. The groups will be contacted by the LWF office several times a year. In many churches are contact persons who can give support in the native language.

Who has joined?
You can find out more about the groups by clicking on the pins on the map above. Please find more general information on this blog post.

1 May 2011: Global launch of LWF together
31 October 2011: Reformation Day – Conclusion of LWF together

Here is a video that explains the program:

Further information
More information is available on http://lwfyouth.org and http://facebook.com/LWFYouth. Questions to roger.schmidt@lutheranworld.org

The Lutheran World Federation is a global communion of Christian churches in the Lutheran tradition. Founded in 1947 in Lund, Sweden, the LWF now has 145 member churches in 79 countries all over the world representing over 70 million Christians. http://www.lutheranworld.org


32 responses to “LWF together

  1. This is great, I will like to be part of the program, Just post when it is time. thanks.

  2. who is the contact person in South Africa?

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  4. May God bless you .

  5. It is an excellent program. Good courage and God bless you all!

  6. This is great, looking forwrd to be part and partial of that.

  7. good morning christian friend,i want to say you i am biguinning to study english,it’s difficulte for me to anderstand cleary this letter.As for as i am concerned,can you translate it with franch?

  8. i see this site and orgaisation as good thing for young people and it can also help me in my ministry. please post me any new inforation about lwfyouth

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  10. LWF together-the earth needs you is a very creative program. It really can touch the young people globally. And by doing this program, i’m sure the young people can understand more what is environmental justice and sustainability means.

  11. This is great thing that the LWF is doimg. Our prayers are with you so countinue spreading the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to the young out there. We are with you in our prayers.

  12. Deborah Troester

    I think this project is great! However, most of the Lutheran Youth I know in the Central African Republic don’t have any access to the internet.


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  14. Im looking forward to share my knowledge of God with other youths as we see many souls being saved into the kingdom of God.

  15. Etrisen Bameng

    Sharing Chrict and seeing a soul saved into the kingdom of God is one of the greatest and exiting assignment for young people, if they come to see how special they are necessary for God to use them…Be blessed!!!

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  17. the program is great and very encouraging. i believe its time for us the youth to bring positive change to the world. i believe with prayer,dedication and togatherness we are going to make it.sorry for this late response i was out enternet. Eva Madinga.

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  19. Zacchaeus S. Kaingbanja

    Christ in his vision for young people was so great that almost all his apostles werw young people. we the young people should learn from this and work in his vien yard.

  20. Zacchaeus S. Kaingbanja

    Young people in Sierra Leone are the base for the developent of the church. the young people form 60-70% of the general membership. they should be encouraged to participate in God’s work

  21. Etrisen Bameng

    ELC-PNG just celebrated its 125 years anniversary of the first German Lutheran Missionary that entered the shore of New GUinea on July 12, 1886 at SImbang, Finschhafen…

  22. Etrisen Bameng

    Youths in Papua New GUinea are geared to preach the gospel of Christ to the nations of the world. Therefore, the Lutheran Students at the University of Papua New Guinea (LSC-UPNG) are looking forward for a major outreach program this November to December down Aboriginal community in Bundaberg, Brisbane Australia…Please stand with us all elite Christ ambasodors in prayer..And should you feel the heart of assisting the Lutheran Youths in UPNG in whatever ways you want to, please let us know.

  23. that is fine,

  24. Mohamed Tawane

    hi am Mohamed Tawane Ali from North Eastern province in kenya. Am a student who finished certificate in purchasing and supplies management where i attained a Distinction and am looking for a scholarship to persure diploma in Public relation on september at the university of nairobi am from a poor packground family. Kindly assist me to achieve my goals. I look forward for further communication. Thanks

  25. The whole nation of Papua New Guinea will be on their knees and praying the coming 26th August. The government of PNG declared August 26th as the National Prayer Day.

    Please all ambassadors stand with us in prayer.. There’ll be also a prayer ceremony held at Sattelburg in Finschhafen where the first Lutheran Mission station was established in 1886..All church’s will part take in this time of prayer..The youths are also participating…

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  27. Rev. Jared Magero

    The youths from Kenya in Oyugis are very much enjoying the discussions involved in the program of LWF together. The program is encouraging them to participate in youth activities in their various congregations. It is progressing on well.

  28. Thanks for the information and I also think this project is great! I know in the Central African Republic don’t have any access to the internet. Its really amazing. 🙂

  29. The Lutheran Youths throughout Papua New Guinea are attending the National Youth Conference in a remote centre in PNG..God is touching young people to rise up and spread the gospel of Christ to the world..

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