Youth resource on Climate Change – Toolkit

LWF Youth has published a well used resource on climate change for the use in youth groups, confirmation classes,  in schools, etc

You can download it here.

Here are some ideas on what you can do with it:

Menu A – One-Day
Youth Workshop
Climate change quiz (see p. 17-19)
Watch a movie on climate change (see p.31)
Bible studies (see p. 7-10)
Role play (see p. 11-15)
Project planning (see p. 21-22)
Group activity, e.g. plant trees
Menu B – Four WeeklyYouth Group Sessions
Week 1
Climate change movie and discussion (see p. 31)
Week 2
Bible study (see p. 7-10)
Week 3
Role play (see p. 11-15)
Week 4
Project planning (see p. 21-22)
Menu C – Two Sessions in a Confirmation or Sunday School Class
Sess ion 1
Bible study: Stewardship of Creation – in the context
of Climate Change (see p. 7-8)
Sess ion 2
Bible study: Sabbath – in the context of climate
change (see p. 9-10)
Sess ion 3
Project planning – action such as planting trees, etc.
(see p. 21-22)

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