Youth Liaison 2008-2010

What are youth liaisons and contact persons?

Youth liaisons bring the perspectives and ideas from young people in the member churches to the global level and report back on the ideas and stories of others. They share their faith in Jesus Christ and discover new ways to live and spread the gospel.

Their specific tasks include:

  • Providing advice for the work of the LWF youth desk through online consultations.
  • Reporting on the member churches’ youth activities to the LWF youth desk (for publication through the blog)
  • Reporting on LWF youth activities to the youth structures of the member churches

A contact person is typically a responsible youth worker, over 27 years of age, who maintains contact with LWF Youth.

Why more than one youth liaison?

In the past, every church could nominate only one youth liaison. However, in order to ensure contact with several regions or youth organizations within a single church, a member church can choose to nominate up to four youth liaisons. For many churches it might still be best to nominate just one youth liaison.

What are online consultations?

The youth liaisons from around the world “meet” for three weeks in an Internet forum to discuss an important issue and to collaborate on writing a recommendation either for LWF or another international entity. To this end, they participate in a joint Bible study and in other discussions. Anyone who can access the Internet at least once a week can participate. Youth liaisons who do not have access to the Internet are provided with alternative means of communication.

Who can become a youth liaison or contact person?

Every member church, national committee and subregional network nominates up to 4 youth liaisons. Youth structures and the youth organizations should be part of this process. Youth liaisons must be 16-27 years old. If there is more than one youth liaison for a church, there has to be an equal representation of both genders. No more than one ordained person should be nominated as a youth liaison.

A contact person is typically a youth worker older than 27 who maintains contact with the LWF youth desk but does not participate in the online consultations.

What qualifications should youth liaisons have?

  • They should be active in the youth ministry of their church.
  • They should usually be nominated by the youth themselves (youth groups, youth committees, youth organizations).
  • It is helpful if they know English (they have to know one of the four official languages of the LWF: English, French, Spanish, or German).
  • It is helpful if they can access the Internet at least once a week. If that is not possible, LWF Youth will find an alternative solution.

What is the difference between youth liaisons and contact persons?

Youth Liaison Contact Person

What about the costs?

The youth liaison and the contact person are volunteer positions. They will not receive any financial remuneration. The LWF will not reimburse churches for costs arising from their youth liaisons.

How to nominate a youth liaison and the contact person:

The leadership of a LWF member church nominates youth liaisons to the LWF youth desk. The new term begins January 1, 2008.

The deadline for nominations is November 30, 2007.

Please send the nomination form to

Additional information in other languages:

Spanish, (pdf, 119kb)

French (pdf, 122kb)

German (pdf, 117kb)