Ms Nembris Geoffrey – Tanzania

Nembris Project Proposal

Participant: Nembris Geofrey

Community: Sakina Arusha


The situation of my home place is that the people settled are not really aware of climate change. That is the reason why people can easily cut trees  and any amount he/she wants. Therefore, people at my home place really need to be educated about climate change.


I would really prefer if my home place would change and become at least like the country places where there are trees that can provide shade for everybody and to hear the singing of the birds.


To educate ten people by the end of September 2008, especially youth on the environment.


  • To use Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm (the time of the youth bible study) to educate young people on climate change.
  • To sell seedlings to fundraise in order to afford transportation
  • To ensure the members of the group to set a good example to the rest of the community by each one of them planning two trees.
  • To teach the group well enough that they can work idependently

Description of the activity

The climate change class will have ten members so that it can be easy to teach and accommodate them.

Every member of the group shall write two trees around the church in order to set a good example.

Planned group for implementation:

Ten active youth members from the church who are willing to carry out the project.


Buying seedlings:


Fundraising among the members of the group.


One response to “Ms Nembris Geoffrey – Tanzania

  1. I like the project.You can do more than this.

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