Ms Namsifu Aminiel – Tanzania

Project Proposal Namfisu

Need to change:

  • My community needs to change from being apart from each to other to acting cooperatively
  • My community needs to change from being ignorant about environmental conservation
  • It should also stop to destroy the environment


  • Education should be provided
  • Cooperation should be initiated to make it possible to succeed.
  • There should be a policy from the government, eg. not to cut trees without permission from the local government.

Idea for an activity

  • Trees should be planted and there should be a specific day to do this.
  • A cooperative group should to be formed to make sure the environment is conserved.
  • The policies of the government should be taken into consideration by the village members.

Small-scale Activity

Akheri Village


And damu

Namfisu, Rehema, Ruth, Neema, Ezekiel, Johas, Ombeni, John, Michel.


The situation in my home is so bad because living in the village is difficult. People have only little education and do not know that they have to preserve the enviroment. This became more complicated because people move from the rural areas to the cities, especially the teenagers. The people who stay in the village are old and they do not have the power to care for the environment. If the education is provided, improvement can be achieved


The situation in ten years will be improved because the group that will be formed and the education that will be provided, will help boosting the preservation of the environment.


By the end of the year 2008, 100 trees will be planted. Together with a good cultivation system and the use of garbage bins instead of throwing garbage into the streets.


  1. To form a group that will be responsible for environmental conservation together with providing education.
  2. To have ten educational meetings in the target villages
  3. To fundraise 100 trees
  4. To have a planting event by the end of the year.

Description of the planned activity

The group shall consit of ten people. There must be policies in the group which will make the goals achievable. The group shall from some songs concerning environmental change and climate change. They will also write some articles that will enhance the environmental transformation in the community.

And also, there shall be days on which people are asked to meet and to educate themselves about climate change.


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