Ms Hanitriniaina Nathalie Rahelimalala – Madagascar

1- RAHELIMALALA Hanitriniaina Nathalie

2- The situation in my country is that people don’t know again about climate change and some of them practice bush fire because they think it makes the earth more fertilize .Most of the farmers too cut the trees for making charcoal ;so I want to explain them the all impacts of those things.

3- According to my wish if we follow my advices the situation will really change in ten years

4- My goals are to improve the situation in my country and the environment too, I think I’ll achieve it in 4 months.

5- Our objectives are to find more and more people for joining us and for following our advices. We want to large our activities in many other cities first and country after and our last objective is to have many good results.

6- For the activities we plan to have record a song with our choral in the church which talk about climate change like the impacts…. And we`ll add in the song some solutions to fight against it and we gonna give this song in the radio and on the TV, and we`ll make a free show. It will be successful because Malagasy people really like singing and listening to a song. There is a tri-monthly newspaper in every church. I want to add one article about the evolution of climate change. There is a Lutheran school in my city where there are many students; and there is too a club of English so we can plant trees with the students who study there.

7- We want to implement it in Antananarivo first and in many other cities after

8- For the budget in the choral we have already our own studio and it`s free to pass it in the radio, and for the school we collect money every time that we are together so we can use this money for the plantation of the trees.


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