About Pre-Council Youth Workshop Arusha 2008

Pre-Council Youth Workshop

20 June – 24 June 2008

in Arusha, Tanzania


The Pre-Council Youth Workshop is intended both for the young stewards

who work during the LWF Council and for the young members of the LWF



The theme of the LWF Council is going to be “Melting Snow on Mount

Kilimanjaro – Witness Amidst the Suffering Creation”. We are

working under the same theme.



Canossa Spiritual Center, Arusha Tanzania (for all, 19-24 June)

Canossa Spiritual Centre

Njiro Hill

P.O. Box 2756




Participants and leadership

The stewards come from African countries while the young council members originate from countries all over the world.


The workshop will be led by:

– Rev. Rolita Machila from Zambia. She is an intern at the LWF,

Department for Theology and Studies, specializing in theology and climate



-Francis Chan from Hong Kong is currently intern at the LWF Youth desk.

He is journalist by profession is going to coordinate among other things

the communication from the Pre-Council Youth Workshop.


-Rev. Roger Schmidt from Germany is the Secretary for LWF Youth.


One response to “About Pre-Council Youth Workshop Arusha 2008


    Hi!hope you are doing fine there!I would like to know when you are going to conduct the workshop and criteria if any for those who want to join…
    in Christ we believe,

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