Youth Participation in LWF

Basic documents of LWF Youth:

Strategic Plan of LWF Youth 2008-2011 (pdf, 117kb)

Global LWF Events:

LWF Council in Lund; Youth Message 2007 (pdf, 71kb)

Recommendations of the Youth Round Table Meeting in Vienna 2006 (pdf, 95kb)

LWF Council in Bethlehem; Youth Message 2005 (pdf, 127kb)

LWF Council in Geneva; Youth Message 2004 (pdf, 127kb)

LWF General Assembly in Winnipeg; Youth Message 2003 – Executive Summary (pdf; 27 kb)

Regional LWF Events

LUCCEA (Lutheran Communion in Central and Eastern Africa) Youth Statement 2007 in Arusha (pdf, 128kb)