Pre-Assembly Youth Conference

Dresden, Germany

A week of learning, discussion and celebration.

Only every 7 years, delegates of the member churches of the Lutheran World Federation come together in an assembly. 20 percent of them are young people under the age of 30. In 2010, 140 Young Lutheran (participants at the Lutheran World Federation Assembly) meet in Dresden, Germany, from 10-17 July 2010 to prepare themselves to the LWF Eleventh Assembly.

Explore. Contribute. Participate.

“The Daily Bread” Newsletter of the Pre-Assembly, Monday July 12, 2010

“The Daily Bread” Newsletter LWF Youth Pre-Assembly Thursday, July 16, 2010


6 responses to “Pre-Assembly


    Looking forward for the general assembly.the project is still in the process.rounding up very soon.

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  3. am a young man with interest to serve in the feild as evagelist and disipleship
    mobilised youth foe empowerment is a fresh and vibrant bible based which was established in 2004 by the youth in order to mobilise them and disiple so that they can spread the wold of gold but am lucking for the knowlenge on how to participate with other youth missio so that we can share the infromation
    our main goals is to forfill the great commissin to spread the word of god

    i m hear to request for the forum workshop wich is comming on july which organized dy rutheran word on 10 to 17 july
    the best regards
    dalitso mtenjera

  4. request to participate the up comming forum
    the best regards
    dalitso mtenjera

  5. Thomas Jensch

    actually, the picture is from the 2008 pre-council workshop in Tansania 😉

  6. i wish that i could participate in the next years programme i have an NGO in nigeria that takes care of the youths both in marriage and counselling i wish that there coould be a way of meeting each other so as to deatil you in all that we are doing

    the name of he group is JOSEPHIANFOUNDATION we are based in nigeria

    if possible we might likely invite some of your speakers for our own programmes as weel

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