Raquel, Brazil

Raquel, born in 1989

Country: Brazil

Church: Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession

Occupation: Student of International Relations

Project name: Sharing the Music

Short description:

The project is taking place in the community of Renascer, in Sapiranga, RS, Brazil.

The idea of the project was to counter the lack of music in the community. With that in mind, Raquel challenged 6 young adults to start learning the Recorder (flute). She believes that is a good start, since that provides the basic knowledge of music and brings sensitiveness to the singing and stimulates the practice of other musical instruments.

Project details


In order to make music more accessible 6 youth (14 – 16 years old) learned to play the Recorder (a flute instrument) by December 2009.

Goal reached?

“The six months of work were intense but in the end we had great outcomes. At first the students didn’t know anything about music scores or the Recorder. Today they can play it well. They could develop a lot more than expected.”

Successes and challenges

“The biggest success was to see the group playing all together, well tuned and receiving compliments from the people of the church, the Parish, the neighbors and visitors. This project became well known in my city and many people could get to know more about the Lutheran World Federation.”

Biggest challenges were to get the group to be able to play harmoniously together. Another challenge was the lack of time.


  • Individual classes
  • Duet practices
  • Group practices
  • Concert in the Schools during the Thanksgiving Day
  • Concert in the School Closure Event for the Teachers, in the School
  • Playing in a Birthday Party of a member of the Youth Group of our Church, where there were his family, friends, and even people from other cities
  • Playing for the families in their houses, like a serenade
  • Closing Dinner at my place

Number of people involved

6 who learned to play the recorder well. Many more who heard about the project.

What did you personally learn?

“Basically I learned that every project is possible to realize, as long as the goal and the objectives are clear. This was a beautiful project to work with. Music is something those kids will take with them forever. I realize that it is possible to do more projects of many kinds in my local community and the project Sharing the Music will have a continuation.”

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