Karen, Uruguay

  • Karen, born in 1986

Country: Uruguay

Church: Evangelical Church of the River Plate

Occupation: Student

Project name: Towards the integrated development

Project description:

The project is developed by the youth group of the Evangelical Church of the Rio de la Plata in Montevideo, Uruguay. It is for a group of 12 children living in a school called Sunrise Home. The project vision is that by January 2010 these children have experienced a process that stimulates their overall development, including physical, psychological, social and spiritual development.

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2 responses to “Karen, Uruguay

  1. Hi Karen,

    Do you have a nice high resolution photo of yourself you could send me for LWI? You were mentioned in one of the articles and I am having a terrible time finding those quoted pictured on camera.
    many thanks,

    Photo Archivist/Picture researcher
    + 41 22 791 6518

  2. Hi, Karen saw your project and was impressed. I Luke from Luthern student and staff fellowship at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology. Keep the fire burning when your are young because when you grow old you won’t regret.

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