Moritz, Germany

  • Moritz, born in 1986

Country: Germany

Church: Church of Lippe

Occupation: Student of Theology

Project name: Conference for university students  “Gay with God? Homosexuality and the church”

Short description

Homosexuality and h0mosexual Christians are a taboo topic in the church. This one-day conference of students of a Protestant theological university department seeks to open up the conversation and see different point of views.

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One response to “Moritz, Germany

  1. Rev Jared Magero

    Homosexuality is a taboo. It led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is a taboo even unto those who have not heard about the word of God. Those who champion for it have to give concrete reasons as to why they allow themselves be cheated by the evil one. I wish to have participated in this conversation.

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