Karen, Philippines

Karen, born in 1989

Country:  Philippines

Church: Lutheran Church in the Philippines

Occupation: Student in English

Project name: Environmental Stewardship

Short project description:

The focus of this project is the promotion of awareness regarding environmental issues amongst the young people in the North Luzon Autonomous Diocese specifically in the Mountain Trail Area.

Project details


Making people aware of their environmental responsibilities and motivate them to change their behavior.

Goal reached?

Some of the goals were reached: The team managed to raise awareness about climate change and also to encourage people to dispose of their garbage in a better way. However, a tree planting campaign proved to be difficult. Also, the envisioned seminar did not yet take place because of scheduling problems.

Successes and challanges

The team was successful in disseminating information and networking to non-governmental and governmental decision-makers.

Differences in the vacation time of the schools made it very difficult to bring people together.


  1. Disseminating information regarding the importance of being aware regarding the environmental issues that are arising in our community.
  2. Site visitation.
  3. Seminar-workshop planning.
  4. Distribution of trash bags/cans.
  5. Coordinating with non-government organization for linkages.
  6. Coordinating with government organization for linkages.

Number of people involved

25 (14-25 years old)

What did you learn personally?

“I learned how to be responsible. Being the project leader is difficult and I learned how to be firm despite the challenges/criticisms that I encountered. I used my strengths to cover my weaknesses. I also learned about the importance of being aware about the environmental issues that are arising in the community and how we can help solve it. With this project, I know what is it to become a good environmental steward.”

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