Ajay, India

Ajay, born in 1983

Country: India

Church: Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church

Occupation: Student

Project name: Youth Empowerment

Short description

Ajay developed and supported a youth initiative. The end goal was to have a strong youth voice in the service and decision-making in his church and to see youth as resources in the church life.

Project details


1. To empower youth to become useful members of the church and society.
2. To identify major challenges facing the youth and provide guidance on how to overcome them.
3. To facilitate the deepening of faith and cultural values that supports a high standard of moral behaviours and gender-sensitive society.
4. Train the youth to acquire entrepreneurial skills through seminars and workshop.

Goals reached?

No, the goals have not been achieved entirely. The project has been well started but after that due to unavailability of dates the seminar and the workshop could not been organised. There have been visit and small gatherings in which the youths have been motivated to take active part in the church. This bore fruits.

Successes and challenges

Eight new youth groups in different congregations were started as a result of the workshop. These young people take now actively part in several programs.

During the course of the project, there was a lack of support by some parents and church members.


  • Visits of congregations
  • choir
  • bible studies
  • games

Number of people involved

The core team consisted of 12 people.

What did you learn personally?

“The project could not be continued till the end so I learned that I should have been more careful with the timeline and the dates selected.”

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One response to “Ajay, India

  1. good work brother.that is inspiring.read Deut.30:15-20

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