Zelda, Mozambique

Zelda, born in 1981

Country: Mozambique

Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mozambique

Occupation:  Student of theology

Project: Musical and English Training for the Youth in the Church and from the Community

Short description:

The goal of the project is to train youth in Mozambique within the church and society in music instrument playing (guitar, piano, tromped) and English classes for a period of nine months.

Project details


At end of September 2009, 30 youth are trained and able to perform Musical Instruments (Guitar, Trumpets and Piano) and acquainted with English (written & spoken) skills.

Goal achieved?

The goal was mostly achieved. However, only 26 young people completed the project.

Successes and challenges

It was a great a success that none of those who committed to the class dropped out. This despite the fact that the circumstances of life were quite challenging for them.

It was a major challenge when the English teacher became sick and the group had to organize together with the pastor a new solution.


  • Guitar classes
  • English classes
  • Piano classes
  • Trumpet classes
  • Drama based on biblical stories
  • Bible studies

Number of people involved?


What did you learn personally?

“If people really want something, they do it with much energy.”

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