Tsion, Ethiopia

Tsion, born in 1985

Country: Ethiopia

Church: Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

Occupation: Law Student

Project name: Establishing Youth Counseling and Guidance Service in Awassa Mekane Yesus Church

Short description

This project aims to establish youth counseling and guidance service in Awassa Mekane Yesus Church. There is a counseling group who had some training about how to consult young people about relationships, sexual affairs and HIV/AIDS, spiritual growth in and out of the church, relationships with friends who don’t go to church, maintaining spiritual life in schools and work places and others.

The implementation of the project is still ongoing. More details will be added once they become available.

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2 responses to “Tsion, Ethiopia

  1. Am interested in knowing more about the project.

  2. befor 19 years ago do you now LWF if you now the head of workshop his name is jone kalhoy in addis abeba arouned sares area now he gives to mekan yesus at that time i am a chiled my father work with him. please ask his addres he is danmark[danishe] write…

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