Tshiamo, Botswana

Tshiamo, born in 1985

Country: Botswana

Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Botswana

Occupation: Student

Project name: Youth training on musical instruments

Short description

The aim of the project is to equip youngsters with the knowledge of and the technical know how in playing musical instruments, to enhance their self-confidence and self sustainability and to enhance their productivity, quality and activeness in Church activities, embodied with scriptures for the  nourishment of our spiritual life.

Project details


Empowering young people by organizing by August 2009 a music camp and a concert

Goal achieved?

The concert and a prayer night took place successfully. There was great interest among the people who came. However, there is some inconsistency among the players which makes it difficult to set firm dates.


  • Mini-Camp and concert
  • Performance in September
  • Christmas camp

How many people were involved?


What did you personally learn?

I learnt that small things make life great. It is not what you bring to people that makes them trust you but the question is how persuasive your idea is and how you present it.

I learnt trust, dedication and fun; and I thank God for all of that.”

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