Richard, Nigeria

Richard, born in 1983

Country: Nigeria

Church: Lutheran Church of Nigeria

Occupation: Fresh Graduate

Project name: Youth empowerment through computer training

Short description

The goal of this project was to train young people in the area of computer in order to help them finding a job easily in their society. Also for those who are not opportune to further their education to higher level, they will be able at least to use this knowledge to establish their own small business at the end of this training this year. The objective is that at the end of the training more than twenty young people will be employed.

Project details


It was expected that, at the end of each project’s phase, the participants will have gained useful employment by knowing how to use the computer effectively.

Goal reached?

The training was completed successfully. Not everybody has found work, yet.

Successes and challenges

All participants have completed the course and have now a better CV and have a real chance of obtaining a job.

Since the program was free for the participants  it was a very big task on the National youth fellowship to execute it financially. Secondly, the class room was very far from the computer lab.  This made it difficult to explain some topics easily to the participants. It also took much time because Richard did not have a laptop which could have eased the work load while in the class.


A full basic course of computer training for nine participants

What did you learn personally?

“The most important thing that I learned was that with God all things are possible. Also, I can affect the lives of people through what I have and can do.”

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