Jared, Kenya

Jared, born in 1980

Country: Kenya

Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya

Occupation: Pastor

Project name: Workshop on Peer Education on Behavioral Change in regards to HIV/AIDS

Short description

The project is about creating awareness on HIV/AIDS and raising funds to support those who are infected and affected by the deadly disease.

Project details


– Establishing structures to address HIV and AIDS

– Educating high risk youths by involving people living with HIV

Goals reached?– We did establish HIV/AIDS Desk dealing with issues related to HIV in our community.

  • We did conduct the peer education which created awareness among the young who are the most vulnerable group in our society.
  • We did involve the PLWHA and the appreciated and felt not stigmatized.
  • We have not on the other hand addressed the need to care for those who are infected and affected with HIV/ AIDS, but we are busy working on it.

Successes and challenges

We succeeded in receiving the funding both locally and from LWF. Participation was successful . The facilitators did not turned us down despite meager allowances. We did also succeed to establish a team. We succeeded in bringing youths together and educating them.

The major challenge we faced is to aid people to voluntarily go for HIV test. The funds were also limited. It is not easy organizing youths to come together.


  • Devotions and prayers
  • Facilitation on various topics of creating awareness e.g Facts about HIV/AIDS, counseling, stigmatization, effects and impact of HIV/AIDS in peoples lives, HIV and nutrition
  • Group discussions
  • Simulation game

Number of people involved

20 people team and 100 teenagers (55f/45m)

What did you learn personally?

“I have learned that one should not let his or her passion sleep. I need to be more focused and to involve the locals greatly. It is important to be specific and smart. One also need to stick to the set goals and objective.”

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