David, Ghana

David, born in 1980

Country: Ghana

Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana

Occupation: Student in Marketing

Project name: Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Short description

The number of orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana is estimate at 204,000 but most of these children are either neglected or not taken good care of by the parent. Other parent due to poverty cannot even provide simple decent uniform for their wards. It is in these line that, the project aims at providing some children in Kintampo Municipal with some basic education materials and giving them quality health care by insuring them with National Health Insurance against all basic diseases.

Project details


  • To provide thirty orphans and vulnerable children with educational materials
  • To insure these children with the National Health Insurance against all basic disease
  • Thirty Orphans and vulnerable will receive religious and moral education
  • To entertain these children in Christmas or Easter party

Goals achieved?

The goals s set for this project -We have insured these children for one year period -We also distributed some educational materials to them. E.g. Exercise book, pens, pencils etc.

Successes and challenges

  • Some of the children in the project can read and understand the bible in the local dialect.
  • Children of these project can now use into any government and some private Hospitals and enjoy free medical Health care
  • The project also helped some parents and children when they are starting the new school year because they got support for the educational material.


  • Meeting the children every week to teach them the bible lesson after church service. We do this by using the next bible reading for the week and other aspects of the bible.
  • The local youth executives had the task to make sure that the registration of the most needy children was completed.

Number of people involved

30 children

What did you learn personally?

“Indeed, the project has given me a lot of experience and knowledge about children’s ministry. It was not easy organizing such a project. Talking to church elders for help to carry such a project through. This project has also given me the opportunity to get an international exposure and also get a lot of friends both locally and internationally.”


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