Agnes, Malawi

Agnes, born in 1981

Country: Malawi

Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi

Occupation: Computer, information and technology

Project name: Training for Young Women and girls about self-sufficiency and issues like early pregnancy, HIV and AIDS and STD

Short description

ELCM Youth Network Counseling Project will be engaging in discussing about culture and spread of HIV/AIDS and find means how people can avoid catching HIV/AIDS by avoiding cultural practices. This project also wants to answer the question how young ladies can prevent themselves from getting early pregnancies.

The implementation of the project is still ongoing. More details will be added once they become available.

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One response to “Agnes, Malawi

  1. Patrick Mwanyongo

    that is a welcome idea because many young ladies are dying because of HIV /AIDS especially in poor country like malawi the main reason is that we don’t have specific way or i can say projects whereby to organise workshops and also to hide the people who knows how to teach the young ladies and to discuss with them and by so doing they can avoid HIV / AIDs by avoiding cultural practices especially in rural congregation whereby young ladies could get married to someone who have several wives without knowing his status even at the age 15. myself as a Lutheran youth from Malawi i encourage the well withes so that they can look into that because young ladies dying even at the age of 15 to 20 therefore who are going to be the leaders in the near future thus what i can comment

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