Youth for Eco-Justice: Thea Siphokazi de Gruchy

Name – Thea Siphokazi de Gruchy
Age – 20
Function – Student (liberal arts – philosophy, law, French)
Country of Origin – South Africa
Church of Origin – Congregational Church (UCCSA)

Important – feminism and women’s rights; ethical lifestyle and vegetarianism; education; travel; music; family and friends; coffee.

Hopes for negotiations – internationally binding treaty; aims for reduction in carbon emissions for all countries; commitment by developed countries to aid developing countries to develop in a more sustainable and ecologically friendly way; recognition of the role women can play in climate change (unharnessed work force; subsistance farming; girls in education); incentives and binding international laws for multi-national and transnational corporations with regards to their environmental policies; commitment to finding more sustainable transportation modes.

South Africa – as South Africa is still largely a developing country, I would like to see a task team created to identify elements of trade, industry, argiculture and lifestyle in developed countries which are NOT sustainable and environmentally friendly and put measures in place to stop South Africa for adopting the same things which we already know are not suitable. Bigger recycling drive. Great regulations in trade and industry on environmental impact.

My church – commit to a meat free lifestyle; recycle commitment; more involvement in civil society.


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