Youth for Eco-Justice: Tamo Khositashvili

Name:  Tamo Khositashvili
Age: 22
Function:  Project manager “Linori ltd” medical service / Volunteer project “Let’s green! “
Church of Origin:  Georgian Orthodox Church

– What is really important for your life?

The most important thing in my life is peace and health. I just wish to live with a normal, quiet life and enjoy my life every day without danger of loosing parts of my beautiful country. I wish that Georgian people become more active to fight for peace!

– What are your wishes for the negotiations on Climate Change in Durban?

I expect from training that I will be more informed about the opportunities  how can we change the situations in our own countries and in hole world to achieve the goals and aims for eco justice. I always think about  plans for environmental peace and I strongly believe that after Durban I will come back home with more ideas to make important steps for beautiful and healthy future.

– What would you like to do so that your church/country becomes more environmentally just?

This is the question on which a lot of people in Georgia are thinking since years and especially after war in 2008. During the August 2008 was fire destroyed forests in one of the National Parks. Due to the reason that damage of forests is fairly high, it requires a great effort to reach ecological stabilization in Georgia. I personally think that it will be very important  that the ministry of environment and governmental institutions take more important steps which could be decisive to reach eco justice.


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