Youth for Eco-Justice: Sunku Kang

Name: Sunku Kang
Age: 26
Function: Student
Country of origin: South Korea
Church of origin: The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

 – What is really important for your life?

Ever since I was an undergraduate student, I have been interested in social issues and have volunteered in many organizations and did internships as well as double majored in social welfare, NGO studies and theology. Now I studying systematic theology in graduate school, Korea.
I was sent to Chiang Mai through YMCA¡¯s mid and long-term international internship program to work on an environment protection project at a community there. Now, I have been working as a missionary in a church that has a special focus on helping the homeless. Witnessing poverty at the frontline has helped me think more critically about economic justice and come up with realistic measures to tackle the problem.

 – What are your wishes for the negotiations on Climate Change in Durban?

I want to deepen my appreciation of the eco issue that is relate to a social justice as well as a personal issue.

Cooperation to deal with the ecological crisis is not a choice anymore. In God¡¯s eyes (of justice), it is critical that we do all in our hands to come together. To prepare myself for a movement for justice, I would like to meet, learn, and share experiences with other youths around the world who share this interest through WCC and LWF.

 – What would you like to do so that your church/country becomes more environmentally just?

I will do my best to put into practice all the learning I¡¯ve attained from this group.  I will help translate important documents into Korean and introduce them on the Internet, Christian magazines and spread the word to the Korean Ecumenical Movement and organizations for young people. Also, I will gather students who are interested in eco-Justice issues and continue this movement.


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