Youth for Eco-Justice: Ra’ed Jeries Ibrahim Awad

Name: Ra’ed Jeries Ibrahim Awad
Age: 30 years old
Function: English Teacher
Country of origin: Palestine
Church of origin: Greek Orthodox Church

– What is really important for your life?

I do care a lot about others’ feelings. I like to share my dreams, expectations with others from all around the world. I like also to listen to others expectations and dreams. I am really concerned to have as many friends as I can. That’s because of my philosophy in this life. I love acting and miming, so I believe that life must be amusing and comfortable.

– What are your wishes for the negotiations on Climate Change in Durban?

I hope I may be able to change some of the wrong behaviors towards environment here in Palestine, to raise awareness concerning environmental issues and ask people for immediate actions through lectures, voluntary work and local visits.

– What would you like to do so that your church/country becomes more environmentally just?

I do preach at church for several reasons. Now, I have a great reason to preach in Church as ask people for the importance of the environment, ask them to cooperate with each other and find a solution for the issues we can solve. Some issues are out of our control like the Apartheid Wall and the nonviolent processions are the solution now.


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