Youth for Eco-Justice: Claire Barrett-Lennard

Age:  25
Function: Project Officer, Anglican Social Responsibilities Commission and Anglican EcoCare Commission.
Provincial representative for the Anglican Board of Mission Australia.
Country: Australia
Church: Anglican Church of Australia


I have a personal and professional interest in social and environmental justice, and the way that environmental degradation leads to social degradation in many communities. I am committed to working in a way which is values based, procedurally fair and community directed.

I enjoy working collaboratively, inter-organisationally, and where possible ecumenically, with people of other faiths or none. I have worked with Indigenous communities both within Australia and abroad in the development of community based livelihood projects.

Wishes for Durban:      

My wish for negotiations in Durban include: a global agreement to emission reduction targets; the development of renewable industries; a genuine commitment by developed countries to support vulnerable countries, disproportionately affected by climate change.

Changes in my Church:

The Anglican Diocese of Perth has oversight of all Anglican parishes, schools and community organisations within its region. Due to its considerable size, both geographically and demographically, the Diocese is in a strong position to influence widespread environmental responsibility within Western Australia – and I see this as a terrific opportunity!

The Anglican Diocese of Perth, and the Anglican EcoCare Commission uphold the fifth mark of mission “to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth” by educating, advocating and empowering worshipping communities to engage with, and care for creation. I hope to return from Durban with a well developed international eco-network; a passion to teach what I have learnt; and skills to develop and implement an eco-justice programme within the Diocese.


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