Youth for Eco-Justice: Kaitlin Bardswich

Name:Kaitlin Bardswich
Age: 25
Function: Program Assistant for 2 program areas at The United Church of Canada – Poverty, Wealth & Ecological Justice, and Public Witness
Country of Origin: Canada
Church of Origin: Raised Roman Catholic; now a member of The United Church of Canada

What is really important for your life?

Living a just life, surrounded by family and friends.
What are your wishes for the negotiations on Climate Change in Durban?
I hope that the negotiations don’t just result in words, but also in action.
What would you like to do so that your church/country becomes more environmentally just?
I would like to raise awareness about eco-justice and make people in Canada aware that it is the impoverished who are most affected by environmental injustice, in the global South as well as in our own backyard. And I think a major thing is to instill a sense of empathy and yearning for justice in people, by bringing the personal stories from Durban back to my church and community.

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