Alexandra from Colombia, Latin America, loves animals and therefore, it is a good thing that she studies to become a “Zootechnist”. However, just animals aren’t enough. So, the 28 years old is enrolled in the Lutheran School of Theology in Bogota because she really likes – right – Lutheran theology. Together with her husband, Alexandra attends the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Colombia, talks about the Lutheran World Federation there and translates documents from time to time.

Benny (or Bega as she likes to be called), from Indonesia, Asia, has just graduated from the Lutheran Seminary in Hong Kong. You can now call her Master of Theology. She is going to teach New Testament at the Seminary of her home church, the Protestant Christian Batak Church. After her hard work at the seminary, she spends the summer with her family and eats good corn and fish barbecue.

Emily lives in New York, USA, and works for the Lutheran Office for World Community. That is a joint office of the Lutheran World Federation and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to lobby the United Nations. In four years, the now 26 year old has met with hundreds of young people who come to the UN. They come advocating on behalf of the youth – representing indigenous communities, concerns for women’s rights, speaking out about AIDS and the environment.

Ray‘s friends have always difficulty locating him. Orginally, he comes from the USA, North America. This spring and summer, however, Ray is on an extended tour around the world. He always tries to find a place to do some service work and then continues traveling. You could meet him for example in Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey, Palestine and Switzerland. In Geneva, he was part of the newly founded Youth Commission of the World Council of Churches. After this, he is going to enter a more resident phase studying Lutheran theology at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. The 24 year old Ray was active as a youth leader in his congregation and likes to eat (what can you expect) pizza, gummi bears and apple pie.

Roger lives in the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland, in which it rains a little bit too often. He is the secretary for LWF Youth even though his 31 years don’t allow him to call himself youth in LWF-speak (18-30 years old). He was ordained a Pastor in Germany after being educated way too long. He is married and one of his hobbies is eating good food. It doesn’t matter so much what it is exactly.

Zelda likes the beach of Maputo, Mozambique, very much. However, the 25 year old does not have a lot of time to go swimming with her dog and her relatives. Besides working for the LWF World Service country program, she is studying English. She is active in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mozambique and advocates there for youth-led HIV/Aids prevention programs. And in between, there is choir practice – three times a week.