Preparing for the UN high-level meeting on youth

Here are some reflections by Daan Leker, one of the LWF Youth delegates to the UN high-level meeting in New York. We had some first reflections on the outcome document here:

I’m sitting in my hotel room, it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside and I’m preparing for the High Level Meeting on Youth of the United Nations. About three months ago I heard that I was going to New York and I felt so blessed. To go to the UN and have the voices heard of so many young people from all over the world! That is, if I don’t melt this weekend…

This year is the year of the youth. Because of that the UN has decided to have a High Level Meeting on Youth. On the 25th and 26th of July we will discuss youth issues. There are opportunities to talk to each other.

There will be two thematic panel discussions. The first one will be on: Strengthening international cooperation regarding youth and enhancing dialogue, mutual understanding an active youth participation as indispensible elements towards social integration, full employment and the eradication of poverty. The second one will be on: Challenges to youth development an opportunities for poverty eradication, employment an sustainable development. Not the easiest topics I guess but a challenge to talk about and I’m very curious how my fellow participants think about these themes.


Next to that we will have plenary meetings. A few participants have been chosen to speak at these meetings. The outcomes from the two thematic discussions will also be summarized here. Also we’ll have the chance to go to different side meetings where youth issues will be discussed. In short, there will be plenty to do and no time to get bored!

I don’t know yet what to expect except for the fact that these will be a few really interesting days. Days in which the youth really gets a voice and the leaders of our nations will have to listen, and are willing to listen. Which I think already is a big step in helping and supporting youth. I hope I can contribute and give young people from al over the world a voice. I’ll let you know!


One response to “Preparing for the UN high-level meeting on youth

  1. I would like to make a comment on the theme discussed which targets the youth, I would like to thank those who make that effort to participate. I think it is a important to “Strengthen international cooperation regarding youth and enhencing dialogue” I think for any development to take place tere is a need to interuct with people. The idea of a dialogue actuallly promotes upcomming youyh leaders to have a voice to critically reflect on challenges that they face in the globalised world. The idea of a dialogue remind me of what David Kortein is calling “people-centred approach to development” in which people are at the centre, in this case it is the youth at the centre. Yet idea of a dialogue plays a pivotal role in the production of knoledge. Secondly youth participation in challenges like eco-justistice, gender balance, and HIV and AIDS will help us to be responsible in every action that we take.

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