International Ecumenical Peace Convocation

 On the 17-25thof May 2011 members of the World Council of Churches will gather in Kingston, Jamaica to conclude the ”Decade to Overcome Violence”. It will be a time of celebration and evaluation. Also, the document ”An Ecumenical Call to Just Peace” will be presented and has the objective of guiding the churches in their future work for peace. The meeting has four sub-themes: Peace in the Community, Peace with the Earth, Peace in the Marketplace and Peace among the Peoples.

One of the objectives of the Decade to Overcome Violence has been to move the issue of peace from the outskrits to the center of the discussion of churches. I believe that one great example of ”Peace with the Earth” is the project in which more than 500 young people from the Lutheran Community are able to participate; ”LWF Together”. While reflecting together and acting for sustainability very important steps are taken towards peace.

In Sweden live persons of many different nationalities that have had to leave their countries due to different reasons, often because of violent conflicts. Unfortunately segregation is a problem in some areas, many times leading to prejudices. An example of working for ”Peace in the Community” is a congregation in the Church of Sweden where women from different cultural and religious backgrounds meet once a week to discuss different issues regarding religious traditions and the Swedish society. This is done with the objective of creating a space for meeting and trying to resolve fears that exist between different groups.

As a participant from the Church of Sweden at the Peace Convocation I look forward to pray with Christians from different parts of the world, improve my knowledge about the ecumenical movement and to learn about local experiences of peace work that different persons have. Also, as a youth participant I hope to see the inclusion of youth in the process and that our specific knowledges about local situations of peace and violence and our willingness to participate in the work are valued as essential components in the peace work of the churches.

Sanna Eriksson

Delegate from the Church of Sweden at the IEPC.


2 responses to “International Ecumenical Peace Convocation

  1. Honest Mangena

    It is indeed an import issues which needs all churches to develop strategies to address the problem of violence in our communities. But I think it would be an ideal if the church try o find the source of violence. The mandate of the church is called to promote justice, peace and love in our communities. Failure to do that we will undermine the mandate of God who whats to see justice to be done. Ecological probless is also a key issues in the 20th century, the reason being that, most of us lost the values of stewardship.
    In Genesis Adam is given the duty to till and to keep the land, which to me all humanity are called to take care of the enviroment. Thus the Bible is a rich resources which can be used by the church to address ecological injustices which is cripling our earth.

  2. Thank you for sharing this piece. I share the good news with all friends of the Lutheran World Federation youth Desk that I participated in the essay competition organized by the World Council of Churches that sought for the best five youth essay writers on the theme: Glory to God, Peace on Earth. I was successful and the only successful participant in Africa. I will therefore join the other 4 youth from the rest of the world to participate in the International Peace convocation in Jamaica.
    I will leave on sunday 15th may for the Convocation and because of the relationship the Inter-Faith Action for Peace in Africa (IFAPA) has with LWF, ( for those who may not be aware, IFAPA Rev. Dr. Ishmael Noko is the immediate former Secretary General of LWF) and basing on my own friendship with the LWF Youth Desk, I am excited about the event and looking forward on how we will be strengthened.


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