The Lutheran Youth of Nigeria to provide for the Needy.

 written by: Richard Eyo( L.C.N.Y.F,Vice chairman)

The Lutheran Youths of Nigeria In Solidarity for Transformation

The Lutheran Youths of Nigeria In Solidarity for Transformation

The Lutheran Church of Nigeria National Youth  fellowship(LCNYF) has decided to start a foundation with the goal of providing care and  support  for the needy.This decision was reached at their 2010 Annual Youth Conference held on the 6-8th August at Kado, Abuja,  the Federal Capital  territory of Nigeria.

According to the report on the  resolution,this decision was made in support of the LWF eleventh General Assembly theme “Give us today our daily Bread.

The Conference  is the highest decision making forum of the fellowship.It had as a  theme Youth and Transformation“,which was drawn from Romans 12:1-2.The conference gave the Lutheran Youths across Nigeria the opportunity to evaluate the progress of the fellowship and prayerfully deliberated on new ways to move the Church forward as it continues to spread God’s word.

At the closing ceremony of the conference ,the National  President of  the Lutheran Church of Nigeria ,His Grace- Most Rev Christian Ekong said in his sermon that “the  the youths are for transformation and in order for youths to experience freedom whether, financial, unemployment, sickness etc. They should maintain cordial relation with God so as to be liberated and conformed to the image of God”. He further advised the youth to preach the Gospel of Christ to everyone and believe that God’s grace is sufficient to transform and conform the church and the society.

The other resoulutions taken were:

  • that we should offer our services as youths for the growth of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria.
  • that we should improve on our statutory programmes and to design new ones that will address the spiritual, material and social needs of our members. We will not relent in our effort to help discover and develop the talents and potentials of our youths in order to make them useful members to our church and the society at large.
  • that Leaders of different fellowships after the conference should map out strategies for effective Evangelism/follow – up services in their respective communities.
  • that  one of the key factor that determines the growth or decline of our churches largely depends on the quality of leadership. Therefore, fellowships are mandated to include leadership training activities to update the skills of her leaders for effective and efficient delivery.

Finally,bible Study and music were key components of the Conference.The funds raised during the conference will be directed toward the finance of  youth activities and programmes within the LCNYF.


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