The world Youth Conference draws closer

The world Youth Conference is set to begin on the 23rd-27th August 2010 in Mexico.This event draws youths from all over the world in a concerted effort to discuss issues affecting the world today.

According to their website,the WYC 2010 is a space where representatives from the government and civil society organizations can come together to identify action priorities regarding the theme of youth, to be addressed in the international development agenda towards 2015 and beyond the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Accorging to this purpose, the conference looks forward to achieving the following goals:

  • To reach consensus regarding a Declaration issued by governments that identifies action priorities on youth issues and development policies.  This Declaration will be presented at the 65th session period of the United Nations General Assembly .
  • To promote the establishment of a mechanism for comprehensive follow-up on the youth agenda    within the     United Nations System;
  •  To promote dialogue between civil society organizations and governments on cross-cutting youth and development policies, to address the needs and priorities of youth around the world;
  •  To share knowledge and experiences on youth and development   assessments, policies, strategies and    programs.

The WYC has basically three component-the government forum,the social forum and the legislative forum.

The Government Forum is a space for dialogue among the official representatives of United Nations member states, who will discuss the main issues affecting young people worldwide.The Social Forum is a space designed for the ample participation of the civil society in the World Youth Conference 2010. It is aimed at promoting dialogue between youth and governments, so the latter can respond to the needs and demands of young men and women worldwide, and promote the participation of all social sectors, beginning with the young people themselves.

The Social Forum is a platform for youth expression that consists of two events, the NGO Global Meeting and the Global Interactive Forum. The Parliamentarians’  or also referred to as the legislative forum is a space for parliamentarians from different congresses around the world to identify priority actions and recommendations to strengthen legal and institutional frameworks fostering youth participation in the field of development.

The Parliamentarians’ Forum is aimed at promoting dialogue with youth organizations and incorporating young people’s demands and needs into their deliberations.

The outcome of the WYC 2010 will be the final draft of what is referred to as the DECLARATION.This document will include recommendations for governments on measures to be taken in the areas of youth and development, for 2015 and beyond, and it will be submitted during the 65th period of sessions of the United Nations General Assembly.

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2 responses to “The world Youth Conference draws closer

  1. Thanks Anthony for posting this….

  2. i am the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. i have formed the Ypung Parliamentarian Forum in the National Assembly of Pakistan where of age 40 and below are the members of this forum.
    i eant to know that if there is any other forums around the world in the parliament who had young parliamentarian forums and we want to enteract with them

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