Stories from LWF’s Global Training program inspire worldwide

by Rev. Jared Otieno, Kenya

With the effort of the LWF Youth Desk, Lutheran youth all over the world have been trained to identify their potentials in project development, project execution, evaluation and report writing through the LWF Global training called ENGAGE. At Monday’s session young leaders from all regions testified that the program has really changed their thinking and it became an avenue for them to re-discover their talents in serving humanity.

The LWF Global training has three categories; 1) training young leaders in project development and management to address issues at hand, 2) developing projects proposals and implementing in their respective countries, and 3) participation of young leaders in the pre-assembly conference in Dresden.

One global training participant from Asia called the program an inspiration for passion and discovery. Another voice from Europe said the program made it very easy for them to identify problems in their community and bring transformation. Rita from Rwanda said, “it was a blessing from God to have such programs which their eyes on methods used to develop projects which help people get their daily bread.”

A number of projects were presented by individual persons representing different regions. Joana from Poland created a fellowship for the participation with the aim of activating the youths for the mission of the church. Saana Victoria from Sweden worked on project entitled “Part of the whole world”, striving to find new structures for the international work of the congregation. Heidi from S.Africa worked on a program focusing on children from her society addressing their emotional and spiritual needs. Mortz from Germany presented a project focusing on gay spiritituality. Richard Effiong Eyo from Nigeria trained youths of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria on Computer, to prepare them for employment opportunities as a means of daily bread.

Richard Eyo, participant in ENGAGE from Nigeria


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