European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN)

During the last weekend, religious youth leaders, representatives of the Zoroastrian, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Buddhist faiths from across of Europe, involved in the work of the European Interfaith Youth Network (EYIN) have met for their regional summit under the theme “Disarmament for Development” in Paris. Two years after the Regional Assembly in Rovereto, May 2008, the summit was the key encounter for EIYN members, to re-affirm commitment to the mission and vision of the EIYN, evaluate the implementation of the strategic plan (Road Map) and advance multi-religious cooperation for peace.

The Religions for Peace Global Youth Network, established at the 2006 World Youth Assembly in Hiroshima, Japan, harnesses the energy and commitment of religious youth leaders all over the world to advance the mission of multi-religious cooperation for peace.  The Global Youth Network is focused on multi-religious youth action to confront some of our most urgent challenges – building peace, saving the earth, and reducing poverty. Concurrently, the youth are working to mainstream youth and youth issues into Religions for Peace programming activities at the local, regional, and global levels.


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