Shock and prayer – the earthquake in Chile

Last weekend, Chile was struck by a terrible earthquake.  Hundreds of people have been killed, millions have been displaced. The LWF General Secretary, Dr Ishmael Noko, has urged Christians to pray for Chile. We have also received a more personal call for prayer from Chile from Gabriela Cobo, who is a participant in the LWF Global Training for Young Leaders:

As you know, we have a difficult situation in Chile. The Earthquake was very
strong and led to terrible consequences… Thanks to God my family and friends are
fine. The most damages occurred in the city of Concepcion and its surroundings. I
can inform, that in the capital of Chile, Santiago, some buildings are also very damaged. They had to be evacuated. Some people started to loot supermarkets, stores and
houses… We are a little bit scared, because we don’t know how the situation
is going to continue. We try to help others through organizations, universities and
schools, were they are collecting food, clothes, water….
Please, help our country and pray a lot for the people that are suffering and
for the volunteers.
Correction 9 March: Name of the capital city of Chile

One response to “Shock and prayer – the earthquake in Chile

  1. Roger, the Capital of CHile is not San Salvador, …. its Santiago 😉

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