A women’s blog on “Daily bread”

This is a post by LWF intern Tsion Alemayehu:

Putting together a blog is not easy – I realized that when I worked at the new Blog of the Lutheran World Federation/ Women in Church and Society (WICAS). I am an intern in LWF/WICAS desk and I have been working here for eight months now. Tsion Alemayehu is my name and I come from Ethiopia. I studied law for my first degree and right after my graduation I got the chance to work as an intern in LWF/ Geneva and I immediately moved out from Ethiopia.

I know how to use the internet or some programs on a computer, but Blogging is the first time for me. I found it interesting and fun.

The blog that I am working on  is designed to encourage women to post their experience, faith, stories , food justice and a lot more in relation to the Assembly theme of LWF which is “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”. You can find the blog following here.

As a young woman, and also a person who comes from a developing country, I know what food really means for hungry people. The right to food was first recognized in 1948 in the universal declaration of human rights. It stated: “all people are entitled to adequate food that is sufficient, safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable.”  A government has the obligation to fulfill the need of his people for appropriate and quality food. But this is not what is happening around the world.

Control of food production, distribution and consumption contributes to men’s and women’s power and social positions, and Women are not given equal access to resources like men are. Especially these days where the financial crisis is affecting the world economy, women and children particularly girls are the hardest hit.

Churches also have to take measures to bring food justice and people’s  access to the use of resources equally.

The Assembly theme will motivate and invite women and men to discuses and write what they experience on food justice and access to adequate food that is sufficient, safe, nutritious and culturally acceptable.

I invite young men and women to comment and contribute your life experience, your understanding on the fourth petition of Lord’s Prayer, stories that you think is related with the Assembly theme and also other things like quotes, examples, poems and so on.


One response to “A women’s blog on “Daily bread”

  1. Tsion thanks so much for getting over technical issues to write. It’s imnportant for all women to find their voices so that we can share concerns in this way.
    I shall try to build some links to this post and the other blog as I too pray that women will not have to pray four times more than men in order to get a chance of receiving their daily bread,

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