calls for applications — Ecumenical Women Blogging Specialist


Ecumenical Women (EW) is an international coalition of church denominations and organizations which have status with the Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) at the United Nations. We train and empower faith-based advocates for gender equality at the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) held in February-March.

Ecumenical Women at the United Nations is seeking a Blogging Specialist to update and maintain its blog and website, Qualified applicants will be familiar with blogging and other social network tools, or demonstrate serious willingness to learn.  Applicants should be committed to women’s rights and gender equality, be comfortable writing about Christianity and other faiths.  Experience with advocacy, ecumenical organizing and the United Nations is preferred but not required.

The EW Blogging Specialist will be responsible for posting 4-6 blog posts per month, which s/he may either write or recruit others to write and edit.  Posts should be within the interests and advocacy goals of EW’s member organizations. The Blogging Specialist must be a clear and creative writer, an independent worker, and capable of working remotely.

Multiple writers will be chosen, depending on applicant pool. Young men and women from the global South and /or underrepresented groups from the north are encouraged to apply in order to deepen our blog’s perspectives.  Individuals from remote locations are strongly encouraged to apply, but Internet access is required. This position will last three months upon hire with opportunity for renewal. A stipend of $400 will be provided.

In your cover letter, tell us why you will be a creative and interesting blogger, and how you can help us improve our website.

To apply, please submit resume, cover letter, and two samples blogs of 200-300 words, including hyperlinks on topics related to faith, women’s rights, advocacy or the United Nations of blog posts by July 30th, 2009 via email (put “Blogging Specialist” in subject line) to:

Malte Lei   malte.lei AT

Ecumenical Women c/o Lutheran Office for World Community


3 responses to “calls for applications — Ecumenical Women Blogging Specialist

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