Aids 2031: 5% for the future

Rebekka Højmark Jensen writes her last report about the youth summit of Aids 2031 (after the first posts here and here):

“Last day on the AIDS2031 Youth Summit. After some very intense days together with other young leaders this day was spent in company with established leaders i the fields of AIDS work, media and politics. The idea was to create ways to promote youth participation at all levels in decision making in the field of HIV and AIDS. Moreover, the goal was to secure support for youth led organisations. Whilst young people are already running organisations on their own initiative, they often have poor access to funding. The established funds do not have a policy to support youth led organisations seperately. However, this summit has made it perfectly clear that youth led organisations have a very special role to play in the fight against HIV and the stigma connected to it: Young people hold the key to communicate to other young people; Young people have the passion to do great things with few resources. As a result, young people are the ones who can turn over the situation and make way for a world in 2031 with less HIV infections, with less stigma and with less descrimination of positive people.

To change the situation, this AIDS2031 Youth Summit introduced a campaign called ”5% for the Future”. Very simply to call upon foundations to allocate 5% of their budget to youth led organisations!

I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to attend this meeting. Many very skilled and powerful people, both young and less young, reached enormous results during these few days in Norway. I leave a piece of my heart with each and every person who took part in the summit. I know we all share a common hope for the future and I leave from Gardermoen Airport with one big lump of this hope. God bless you all.”


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