ALN Workshop

Greetings from Thailand! I am currently in Bangkok attending the ‘Asia Lutheran News Workshop’. 

The three-day workshop provides communication training for representatives from various Asian member churches of the LWF. So far we have learned about news writing, feature writing, editing and communication technology, etc.

The three-day training is being organized by the Asia Desk at the Department for Mission and Development of the LWF.  

Not only experienced church communicators are present, but also a number of young people who have started to work on communication for not so long ago and eager to apply what they learned after the workshop.  

When youths talk about church communication such as the newsletter, many may find it quite distant from us or simply think it is only relevant to the Bishops.

Surely sometimes I also feel ‘intimated’ to send an article to an newsletter that reports the message from the President/Bishop and various major events happening among the churches. I think it is just normal.

However, when we talk about ‘communication enhances communion’, there is no doubt to me that youth is an inseparable group of the communion. Thus, it is important for us to share the vision and opinion to the rest of the communion. Just write what you think and find a way to get it read.

There are more ways than ever that we can communicate with other Lutherans around the world.

Obviously, some formal channels like the newsletter of our own church, regional platforms like the Asia Lutheran News (ALN) or the Africa Lutheran Communion(ALC) can allow us to reach more readers.

Rather you may start your own website/blog among your own network. There are just many interesting blogs written by Lutheran youths from around the globe.

For example, Limantina, who is now sitting next to me in the ALN workshop, has been running a nice blog among the Indonesian youths –

Why don’t you start yours?


2 responses to “ALN Workshop

  1. Hi Francis,

    Many thanks! I just come to find your post, this one. Now I know, while following the workshop, you were also working on another work; great! What a wonderful mind!

    It is also important for me to come to join this website and do much better with my own website as well; I do believe we can do many more good things together.

    Hi Simone? How are you doing?

    Francis, I met Simore in Breklum in Dec. 2006.

    My greetings to all of you!
    Limantina Sihaloho

  2. pastor ololade alaba shomuyiwa

    Dear sir/ma,

    it is a very good job you have been doing to bring together the christians in all the whole wolrd. notice has come to us in the Redeem christian church of God here in nigeria that your organisation is developed to build christ like and to empower all the youth.

    that is good and nice,may the God of Glory be with you all in jesus name.

    i will dedicate myself for any upcoming program you want to do and i will be very happy if you can be updating me on each program you want to do.

    thanks very much.preaching the gospel is good and there is reward in it. and i will be very happy if you can invite us in any of you coming program to demostrate the power of God in Africa.

    in the last revival i invited in south africa at THE APOSTOLIC CHUCRH OF SOUTH AFRICA, God use me to heal several people and there is liberty in capetowm.please here in Africa God is working really, lame will work , build we see and deaf will hear, glory will be restore in the name of jesus christ.

    and if there is any one who is there also that need healing ,please contact me on phone, it is just a words of faith and you will be heal, many called from different part of the world and they make testimony.

    i will wait to hear from you soonest.

    pastor ololade alaba shomuyiwa.

    tel: +234 80 22 04 09 50

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