Youth as ‘seeds’

This is a series of blog posts concerning youth participation. The articles will be published every Tuesdays in the coming 3 weeks. The last one was published on 30 Dec 2008.

If you are a leader of your church, when you think about sending people to plant a new church, which of the following group will first come to your mind? 

  1. Pastors
  2. Teachers
  3. Youth
  4. Church elders 

        Perhaps you may not choose C as your answer, but end up I would say youth will be the largest group in the team you are going to send out to plant a new church. 

        Obviously the ‘seeds’ here refer to a group of young people who are trained and sent by their church to plant a new parish.       

        Since youth are often a group which is very energetic and enthusiastic to serve God. When their energy are being transformed into a concerted effort to build a new church, it will be very helpful both for the initiative itself and the development of the youth. 

        Although it may not be a common approach to do youth ministry, for some churches this approach makes sense when they have a long term plan to establish a new congregation. 

        In this approach, the training for the youth will be based on what kinds of personnel will the new congregation needs. Youth will be divided into different streams of training, e.g. administrators, teachers, youth and children ministers, etc. 

       The aim of the training will be achieved once the youth possess the necessary skills to help plant the new church. In other words, the next step for them will be a intensive on-the-job training as a group of ‘trailblazer’.


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