Observing “World AIDS Day”.

Hey everyone!!!

Greetings to you all from all the energetic youths of J.E.L.C (Jeypore evangelical Lutheran church).

This is to inform you all about the awesome activities and the zeal of the youths, how we all observed World AIDS Day. I’ m very thankful to LWF and specially Roger for his encouragement and support, due to which all the youths are staying connected to each other and with the church, boosted to work for the welfare of the society and are committed towards the goal for creating awareness regarding HIV/AIDS. Here all the youths have joined hand to act in a coordinated manner to fight against the spread of the pandemic.

As we all know we just have to talk AIDS to stop AIDS. The louder we speak, the lesser will be the danger. While, it is true that youth is power and power is youth, so we voluntarily started acting to enable others around us to see in a right perspective.

30th November was a Sunday, during the service time we tried to spread the knowledge of AIDS among maximum people by giving them red ribbon” the sign of solidarity for those living with HIV/AIDS and a sign of hope to overcome.”

giving 'Red Ribbon'

giving 'Red Ribbon'

Had signature campaign, and disturbed booklet containing info.  about HIV/AIDS.


Rev.Ujwal Satman joining the Signature Campaign.

Rev.Ujwal Satman joining the Signature Campaign.

On 1st December in the morning we went to a nearby village called ‘dhepguda’.where we gathered the villagers and performed the street theatre and tried our best to educate them about some basic knowledge.

street theatre

street theatre

In the evening we performed a concert which attracted many people and there we tried to create awareness and spread the knowledge aboutHIV/AIDS. It was a grand sucess.There we presented the special worship order prepared by Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance,which was heart touching for all the audience.Some Government Officers were so impressed by our work that they have promised us to give their full support in our upcoming activities in the coming days. our youths also attracted the media people to write about us in the newspaper. So this was how we started working.

Please do pray for the youths.

music concert

music concert

presenting special worship prepared by Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

presenting special worship prepared by Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance


3 responses to “Observing “World AIDS Day”.

  1. keep it up guys. u all are doing a awesome job to eradicate the evils of the society. my good wishes and me, myself are always with u…

  2. nyc keep up the gud work the world need ths

  3. ya i agree with tat, we need to carfull about aids…..cuz..in dis days somany shows in t.v n allso tecnicaly improved internet. so todays youth can fall ne time no doubts…but befor that need to carfull…all the best.

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