Church of Sweden Youth active on Climate Change

(A post by Calle Olaison Jacobsson)

Church of Sweden Youth are working with two different kinds of global issues; fair trade (Fair Trade labelling and the Clean cloths campaign) and climate changes.

The work on climate changes includes a material which gives knowledge about the topic and also provides children and youths with tools for taking action. The material is called “Klimatlådan”, the climate box.

I connection to the Interfaith Climate Summit in Uppsala 28-30 november in Uppsala Church of Sweden were part of an ecumenical training for youths on climate changes. The yout learnt a lot on climate changes and were’re involved in work-shops on how to talk about climate changes; to children and to grown-ups. And they also learnt how to deal with media and how to act on the street to improve the knowledge among the public. It was a great week-end and not only did the youths became experts on climate, the ecumenical movement in Sweden was improved.


3 responses to “Church of Sweden Youth active on Climate Change

  1. Akanji Olanrewaju

    i want to come to the conference what will i need for the preparation and how will i register

  2. Je veux venir à la conférence Que vais-je besoin pour la préparation et comment vais-je enregistrer
    Andrias Numbi Kisekwesekwe
    Commune Kinshasa
    Tél.:+243 898538127

  3. Je souhaite participer à la conférence Quelles sont les conditions de participation?et puis-je comment être enregistré?
    Emmanuel Mayimona Sola
    Commune de Lingwala
    Tél.:+243 898789648

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